Work it harder. Make it better. Makes us stronger. And these make your packaging better too.

  • Packaging design
  • Single product label design
  • Product series design
  • Structural packaging
  • Limited & premium editions
  • Key visuals

Ah…! The packaging! That mysterious crystal ball that foresees your brand’s future. Phantom, clearly and rightfully the name states, is a master in decoding the crystal ball of packaging mysteries. Designing meaningful, solid and unique concepts, bespoke to any brand’s market needs and specific target group. Delivering to the point concepts and artfully executed ideas can make the difference, and we know it. With Phantom leading the way, this is a sure win.

You never looked so good.

We know our craft.

This is a bold statement. Or… is it? Let’s be real, Phantom really knows what is going on in packaging design. Solving design problems holistically and tackling visual communications issues with respect to the end customer and the product itself. From  brainstorming to ideation and design execution, the attention to detail is key in delivering a great outcome each time. 

One for all and all for one!

Whether it is a physical product or a service, Phantom magnifies its advantages and possible selling points with exquisite design and tailored solutions for any brand. From a high end luxurious wine label, to a family of dairy products and from engine parts to high tech hardware, packaging is Phantom’s second language. Fancy a chit-chat?

As Phantom once said: “Packaging is like marriage. If it is a good one, it will last for a long time”. Frankly, we believe it too. And as in all pre-ceremony arrangements, we work in close collaboration with market researchers, surveys and brand strategists. And the outcome is a match made in heaven.

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