Who. Who we are. Who. Who we are. Who. Who we are. Who. Who we are. 

Roaming this world in his creative paths, exploring the inevitable limits of the human perception and artificial creativity.

The fear of white paper, the anxiety of a deadline, the blood rush of creation, the happiness of production; all of them embodied in an airy, mystical and mysterious form.

We are pilgrims, devoted disciples in all creative projects of the phantom. All the way. Phantom choose us. We obey.

We see him not; yet we know his virtues. We hear him not; yet we feel his tune. We meet him not; yet we see his vision. We are pilgrims. Phantom found us.

Details matter

Phantom provides design solutions aesthetic supremacy and unique character in the fields of branding, packaging and web interfaces. Skilfully combining our craft in traditional and modern mediums – like new age artisans, we deliver exquisite and to the point outcomes. Looking at the bigger picture and tackling each issue with a holistic approach, here at Phantom we are have an eye on detail as well. Details make the difference; both in print and digital design, usually the small things are the most impactful. Founded in 2017 by Marios Georntamilis. 



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Physical publications

Top Design Series 3ISBN 9789867022912
Good Idea 4ISBN 9789881400918

Digital publications

As Oscar Wilde wrote for another spectre:
“Ye Onlie True and Originale Spook, Beware of Ye Imitationes. All others are counterfeite.”